Love Lamb Week

Love Lamb Week


A group of young sheep farmers and shepherds are on a mission to get lamb back on the dinner plates of the UK with their campaign Love Lamb Week which runs from 1 – 7 September 2017.

Sheep are very much a part of the British countryside and eating home-produced lamb helps sheep farmers to stay in business and continue caring for the land in an environmentally sustainable way. Without sheep our grassland, and uplands in particular, would become overgrown and less hospitable to many types of plants, small mammals and ground nesting birds.

Red meat, which includes lamb as well as beef, is an important source of nutrients including protein, zinc and iron which is vital for healthy red blood cells. It has also been found that the type of iron in red meat is more easily absorbed and used by the body than that found in plant foods.

Lamb is very tasty and easy to cook with a range of recipes from the traditional roasting joint, through to the garlicky Mediterranean dishes and the spicy African dishes.

Check out our recipe page to see a couple of lovely lamb recipes, one quick and easy, and another also easy with a bit longer cooking time.